What is BroEx?
BroEx is a Mobile app for Real Estate Brokers. It helps them in finding other brokers with complimentary requirements, so the deals can close faster.
Who are the people behind BroEx?
BroEx is a start-up by a few IIT alumnus —
Pallav Pandey
A serial entrepreneur and an expert in building high growth businesses for Indian market. Pallav is the founder of Knowlarity: Cloud Telephony and a founding investor with Crown-it: Customer Club. A graduate of IIT Kanpur, Pallav was working in the US with nVidia before returning to start India’s first political consulting company.
Mukul Bhati
A tech-wizard with deep expertise in building products that have successfully scaled. Mukul had performed lead role in technology at some of the top companies in India like PayU, Knowlarity and UrbanTouch. He has a bachelors degree in computer science and engineering from IIT Guwahati.
I see the app is asking for some permissions. Are there permissions really required or you are trying to get broker's data?
Following is the details of permissions required by the app and the details where are we using them —
Camera → This permission is used when you are updating your photo at BroEx. We cannot update photo without this.
SMS → This permission is used to auto verify your phone number when you install the app.
USB Storage → Some low end devices use SD card to store application data. If we don't have this permission, the app crashes in these devices.
Identity, Device & app histor → Required by almost every single app on Android to distinguish between two different app users and understand how they are using app.
Phone → We monitor how many calls are done through our app to understand and improve user behaviour. We don’t have access to your call once it is started and we don’t record it. We need this access to count number of calls.
Contacts → There is a feature in the app where you can invite other brokers who work closely with you. We believe that if people will like our app, they will share it with their close broker network, like any other network like Facebook and LinkedIn do. We need this permission to send out these invites. Also some when you see a broker’s profile, we show if you know him through some common contact as broker’s want to deal with only people they trust. We need contacts permission to do this matching.
Finally following is the comparison of permission used by us vs permission used by WhatsApp
# Permission WhatsApp BroEx
1 Device & App History Yes Yes
2 Identity Yes Yes
3 Contacts Yes Yes
4 Location Yes No
5 SMS Yes Yes
6 Photo / Media / Files Yes Yes
7 Phone No Yes
8 Camera Yes Yes
9 Microphone Yes No
10 WiFi Connection Information Yes No
11 Device ID & Call Information Yes No
The BroEx app is free, how does the company make money?
The company believes that once 2 Lac plus brokers across India start using the platform, it can start charging the builders to reach to brokers and give advertisements of new project launches.
The company intends to keep the app free for brokers and allow unlimited listings on the platform.
Is my data safe with BroEx?
Your data is 100% safe and confidential with BroEx. The information provided by you to BroEx does not name the party who has the requirement or Inventory. This ensures complete client confidentiality.
Also the data is stored on cloud servers provided by Amazon in Singapore and none of the company employees have access to this data.